3 Ways Your Mindset is Holding Your Success Hostage

Guest Post by Melanie Benson Strick


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Even though you are doing everything right – you have your plan, schedule your day with activities designed to move you closer to your goal, hire the best coach to motivate and inspire you – you just can’t seem to get into focused action.

A gremlin has been activated and is feeding your mind all kinds of crazy thoughts about your goal.

Maybe you recognize this gremlin’s message? It often sounds something like:

“This is going to be WAY too hard! Are you frickin crazy? You are already way too busy how can you possibly think about pursuing that goal!”

“There is no way this is going to work. Who am I to think that I could ever be that successful? That kind of money/success is for other people, not me!”

“I’d lose my friends/family/lover/self-respect if I made that kind of money. It’s not worth it.”

“What if it doesn’t work? What will people think? What if I lose everything I have now and I’m a complete failure?”

Ah the gremlin voice in our head has taken over and that goal has become enemy #1. Your go-getter (that part of you that really wants to achieve your goal) isn’t willing to give up that easily though and goes to war with your gremlin. The go-getter can see all the cool stuff that will happen when you achieve the goal. “We’ll have more money to enjoy life and expand our impact!” “Won’t it be nice when we have more credibility in the marketplace?” Because these two parts of you are at war you feel stuck. You are officially in a holding pattern and it feels miserable.

Here’s what’s going on at a deeper level. Either you:

1) Have a limiting belief about what’s possible for yourself, or
2) Are avoiding a fear of “what might happen”, or
3) There are two desires that seem to be in conflict with each other.

Amazingly, that gremlin gets activated every time you try to move forward until you learn how to make peace between these two parts of your mind.

Depending on which one of these three issues is the culprit, you’d use a different techniques to eradicate the war inside. Most people have heard a lot of about dealing with fears and limiting but most people don’t know much about conflicting desires.

If the pursuit of one goal feels in conflict with another desire, need or goal, we have to find the win-win where both can be achieved peacefully.

You have to train your mind to seek out the bigger opportunity where BOTH desires can be met. Our fears and limitations tend to guide our thoughts towards a safe place where one of the desires (usually the one that feels safer) is met.

Think: Is there an outcome where I can have both desires met?

When you find that picture in your mind, you’ll uncover a level of motivation where you feel and become unstoppable!

About the Author: Melanie Benson Strick, America’s Leading Small Business Optimizer, guides thought leaders and creative entrepreneurs to achieve optimum success by eliminating unconscious barriers.

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