What Stops You From “Going For It”?

Personal Power: Go after what you want
~ Nora Roberts

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about when women don’t “go for it”, when we let our ambitious dreams and goals slide. When we keep our personal power on a leash.

Maybe we’re taking care of others’ feelings (so we don’t “outshine” them).

Maybe we’re afraid of how far our light could truly shine because of the responsibility it might bring, and we don’t know (yet) quite how we will deal with it.

Or maybe it’s because going for it would mean we no longer fit the mold of what a “good girl” would do (or a good wife/girlfriend/partner, good mother, best friend…you get the picture).

Oh yeah…this one is up for me. Big time.

And I wonder if it is for you too?

Are there places where you don’t go for it?

Where you stop yourself from really letting your brilliance, your fully expressed self, or your very own luminous light really shine?

Maybe you’ve done this in the past. Maybe you’ve stopped dreaming (cuz it hurts too much).

Or maybe you’ve found your way through and have become unstoppable!

I would love to know, either way. I would love to know what stops you, or has stopped you in the past. When you don’t go for it.

Will you help me find out why we don’t go for it? Why we give away our power?

By filling out this quick survey, you will help identify where and why many women give away their power, stop shining the full wattage of their brilliance and don’t go for it.

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 What's Stopping You?


Here’s the thing: I want to help you shine your light. It’s my mission to help women access a bigger piece of the pie, shine their brilliance on the world’s problems and go for what they really want.

I promise you this: I will share the results of my survey with you, plus tips for how to bring your personal power up and let your light shine!

Personal Power: If you want something, go get it.

I can’t wait to hear your stories, and share those results with you!

PS. Here’s the Quick Survey link again: What's Stopping You?