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How much does negotiation impact your success?

Successfully mastering the art of negotiation and influencing is essential in achieving your objectives. We all negotiate, every day. Knowing how to manage these interactions, systematically plan, develop effective strategies and efficiently manage their application will maximize your results. Not understanding the underlying process when you enter a negotiation significantly risks your chance of success.

How much would having the following help you achieve your professional and personal goals?

> Added confidence in any negotiation situation
> A professional approach to preparing for or participating in a negotiation
> The ability to streamline negotiation timeframes
> The ability to achieve better results while retaining and improving relationships

You can always improve your negotiated outcomes, regardless of how much experience you have. Even the smallest positive change can markedly impact your personal and business success.

Past participants in ENS Advanced Negotiation & Influencing Programs with Carrie have experienced enhanced results such as achieving over $260,000 in financial benefits in the three months after their ENS Program.

The fast-paced ENS International Advanced Public Programs are both practical and intensive learning experiences. Participant numbers are limited to 12, with rehearsal techniques employed extensively to provide you on-the-spot practice and instant feedback. Our interactive programs are founded on fundamental human psychology, designed to challenge you and enhance your negotiation confidence.

Be inspired, gain insights into human behaviour and achieve your goals.

Who Should Attend

If you work to a budget or target, negotiate contracts, manage commercial or key relationships, implement change, manage a project or hold a role that impacts the results of your business or organization, then your negotiation and influencing skills and strategy are critical to your ongoing success.

The Advanced Negotiation & Influencing Public Programs deliver turnkey negotiation and influencing capability development. ENS International Advanced Negotiation and Influencing Public Programs provide highly impactful adult learning environments. Participant numbers are strictly limited to maximize one-on-one time with your negotiation practitioner and program leader.

Three levels in ENS Advanced Negotiation and Influencing Public Programs give you the flexibility to manage your negotiation skills development to the level required to best suit your own and your organization’s needs.

Level 1: Professional Negotiation

Level 2: Strategic Negotiation

Level 3: Expert Negotiation

Our unique and innovative staged approach to negotiation training means you will most effectively apply your new negotiation skills and techniques in real life negotiations, enhance your behaviours and maximize your negotiation and influencing results.

Even the most seasoned negotiators will gain valuable insights and new techniques to significantly enhance negotiation capability, behaviour and skills in key areas.

Advanced Negotiation and Influencing Public Programs are held in major cities in North America including:

  • Toronto, Vancouver & Montreal
  • Portland, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles & New York

ENS Open Courses are accredited by the CPD Standards Office (CPDSO). All participants who complete a course will receive 14 CPD hours for a 2-day course towards their Continuous Professional Development (CPD) records for use with their professional bodies, institutes, regulators or employers.

The CPDSO is recognised in 22 countries and is fast becoming the global standard in this growing area.


If you would like further information please contact https://www.cpdstandards.com/.


Attention Lawyers: ENS Advanced Negotiation and Influencing Public Programs have been pre-approved for CPD credits from the Law Society of British Columbia.

Looking for an in-house Advanced Negotiation program for your team? We can help; let us know a bit about your team, and what you are looking for here.

Register today for the ENS Professional Negotiation Workshop (Level 1) on November 7-8, 2017  in Portland Oregon, led by Carrie Gallant J.D., one of our senior Negotiation Consultants.

Professional Negotiation (Level 1)

The Professional Negotiation Workshop is a fast paced and intensive 2 day workshop designed to build your negotiation and influencing capabilities through hands on experiential exercise. You will be introduced to the commercially acclaimed ENS International Negotiation Process Framework, techniques and methodologies. You will gain insights in how to employ effective negotiation strategies, identify and counter negotiation tactics, adapt your communication style and how to manage negotiation to best achieve your objectives and goals.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand advanced negotiation and influencing concepts and terminology
  • Be able to distinguish and capitalize on negotiation content versus negotiation process
  • Manage pre, post and formal negotiation time frames
  • Negotiation preparation
  • Aspirational negotiation range setting
  • Appreciate the nature of negotiation – opportunities and dangers
  • Manage critical components of the negotiation processUtilize the essential role of influence
  • Strategically build common ground
  • Understand and capitalize on communication style flexibility
  • Diagnose the needs and drivers of other parties
  • Identify hidden agendas
  • Manage atmospherics Identify, counter and employ tactics
  • Alter the balance of power
  • Understand and trade concessions effectively
  • Develop negotiation and influencing strategy
  • Major case study and review
  • Develop action plans for skills retention

This is the foundational level of the ENS International Advanced Negotiation and Influencing Public Programs. Continue developing your negotiation mastery with the next two levels in the ENS Program.

Attention Lawyers: ENS Advanced Negotiation and Influencing Public Programs have been pre-approved for 14.0 hours CPD credits from the Law Society of British Columbia.

Next scheduled Professional Negotiation Program:

Portland Oregon – November 7-8, 2017

Vancouver BC – March 21-22, 2018 

Chicago Illinois – December 6-7, 2017

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Strategic Negotiation (Level 2)

The Strategic Negotiation Workshop extends and builds on the skills gained during the Professional Negotiation Workshop. This empowering and intensive 2 day workshop will allow you to simplify complex negotiations. Employing the ENS International Systematic Preparation Framework and advanced techniques, you will gain further insight on how to read other parties, counter tactics, manage the different stages of a negotiation and confidently develop strategy to improve your negotiation outcomes on high stakes negotiations or projects.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Review and audit your current application ofadvanced negotiation concepts
  • Develop and employ effective strategies to achieve your objectives
  • Manage negotiation and influencing process in difficult situations
  • Build negotiation style consciousness
  • Use a range of tactics and counters to alter the balance of power
  • Intentionally manage the sequence of negotiations
  • Make and obtain meaningful concessions
  • Break deadlocks creatively
  • Identify and manage nonverbal behaviours
  • Prepare systematically to gain strategic advantage
  • Lock in commitment to lasting agreements
  • Manage powerful or difficult people
  • Handle pressure, conflict and uncertainty
  • Generate tactical options through practice and rehearsal
  • Major case study rehearsal with constructive feedback
  • Undertake post negotiation review
  • Implement ENS Frameworks in all future negotiations

Register for the Strategic Negotiation Workshop if you are already familiar with the ENS International Negotiation Process Framework or other similar professional negotiation training.

Attention Lawyers: ENS Advanced Negotiation and Influencing Public Programs have been pre-approved for 14.0 hours CPD credits from the Law Society of British Columbia.

Next scheduled Professional Negotiation Program:

Vancouver BC – June 16-17, 2016  

Chicago Illinois – June 6-7, 2016

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Expert Negotiation (Level 3)

The Expert Negotiation Workshop concentrates on in depth coaching and mentoring. Across 2 intensive days our ENS International practitioner will utilize on the spot practice of negotiation techniques and principles integral to high end and high risk negotiations. Equipping you with the knowledge, tools, techniques and skills you need to approach any negotiation with absolute confidence regardless of the stakes involved. You will become an expert of the negotiation and influencing process and be able to improve outcomes on the most complex negotiation and influencing scenarios.

Workshop Themes:

  • Review your understanding of ENS International negotiation concepts and techniques
  • Create and manage strong negotiation teams
  • Heightened style consciousness – work outside your comfort zone
  • Negotiate and influence under uncertain and unpredictable conditions
  • Manage advanced concession trading
  • Influence difficult people in complex situations
  • Stay in process control under pressure
  • Push the boundaries – be even more aspirational
  • Advanced listening
  • Enhanced nonverbal rapport building
  • Mental focusing
  • Think laterally and on your feet to alter power imbalances
  • Recognize and use a range of closing tactics
  • Closing the deal – making final offers
  • Cross cultural negotiations and understanding
  • Break deadlocks in protracted or high pressure scenarios
  • Apply advanced questioning techniques
  • Utilize advanced rehearsal techniques
  • Guide critical negotiations to achieve your objectives
  • Assess the quality of your agreements

Register for the Expert Negotiation Workshop if you have already, or plan to first complete a minimum of 3 days ENS International training prior to the commencement of the workshop.

Contact us for our complete schedule and locations

About ENS International

ENS International supports organizations and individuals with our unique, proven, world class negotiation process methodology. We are a global team of negotiation consultants and practitioners specializing in influencing and negotiation management.

A world leader in our field and established for over 35 years, ENS International delivers best practice negotiation consultancy and training programs in more than 65 countries. We have empowered participants, governments and organizations through our range of negotiation and influencing services, including strategic consulting, advising, coaching and training.