Frequently Asked Questions – Coaching With Horses 

Q: Will I be riding a horse?
A: No, all work with the horses will be “ground work” in the round pen, or observing them in their environment, both indoors and out.

Q: Do I need any experience around horses?
A: No, you will learning enough about horse language and culture to engage with the horses safely.

Q: What will we do with the horses?
A: We will be spending some time learning about equine culture and communication and then doing some simple interactions with the horses. The exercises with the horses allow us to become more aware of our inner process and reactions and highlight our strengths and gaps. Therein lies the opportunity for experiencing insight and learning about ourselves.

Q: Do I need to wear special clothes or footwear?
A: It is important to wear clothing suitable for both indoors and out, that is suitable to the weather for that day. Suitable footwear would include hiking boots, cowboy boots, or other sturdy footwear.

Q: What if I am afraid of horses?
A: Perfect! Many people come to these workshops afraid of horses and through learning about them lose their fear. You will be safe and allowed to experience your fear and conquer it as your confidence with the horses grows.

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