Equine Coaching

Working with horses allows you to tap into deeper wells of inner wisdom and awareness – important to your development and mastery as an emotionally intelligent leader.

Evelyn McKelvieI am delighted to partner with Evelyn McKelvie, the Equine Coach, to deliver a series of equine-facilitated leadership workshops.

Evelyn is a pioneer in equine facilitated coaching. Her fundamental premise is that in order to include horses in our learning, we must be prepared to work with them from their perspective, and on their terms. Working and playing with horses is an inter-cultural as well as an inter-species experience. We must walk the talk with them just as we would in all our relationships.

The Power Series

The Power Series is a set of three workshops designed to maximize the rich lessons available to us when we get together with horses with a view to learning about yourself and understanding how you influence and are seen by others.

The entire Power Series is offered twice in 2016, in the Spring and Fall. Spring dates are: April 15th, May 27th, and June 17th.

Visit the detailed descriptions for each workshop by clicking through the topics below. These three workshop topics are ideally suited for exploration with horses:

Awareness and Presence

Conscious Communication

Mindful Leadership

Each one-day workshop is intensive and packed with learning, including time spent with the horses as well as exercises and discussions that apply the learning to your leadership. Coaching with horses is a different experience for each person. Horses take us deep – often the kernel of truth that is found within is not what participants expect.

Registration fees include lunch and refreshments. ICF (International Coach Federation) certified Coaches are eligible to receive CCEUs. Please contact Evelyn at info at equinecoach.ca for details on CCEUs.

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