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The Power Series

The Power Series is a set of three Equine Coaching workshops designed to maximize the rich lessons available to us when we get together with horses, with a view to learning about yourself and understanding how you influence and are seen by others.

The Power Series is offered twice in 2016, in the Spring and Fall. For the Spring Power Series, the dates are: April 15th, May 27th, and June 17th. Visit the detailed descriptions for each workshop by clicking through the topics below. These three workshop topics are ideally suited for exploration with horses:

The Power of Awareness and Presence

The Power of Conscious Communication

The Power of Mindful Leadership

Each one-day workshop is intensive and packed with learning, including time spent with the horses as well as exercises and discussions that apply the learning to your leadership. Coaching with horses is a different experience for each person. Horses take us deep – often the kernel of truth that is found within is not what participants expect.

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ENS Advanced Negotiation & Influencing Programs

One of the things I learned when I was negotiating was that until I changed myself I could not change others.  ~Nelson Mandela

How much would having the following help you achieve your professional and personal goals?

> Added confidence in any negotiation situation
> A professional approach to preparing for or participating in a negotiation
> The ability to streamline negotiation timeframes
> The ability to achieve better results while retaining and improving relationships.

Successfully mastering the art of negotiation and influencing is essential in achieving your objectives. We all negotiate, every day. Knowing how to manage these interactions, systematically plan, develop effective strategies and efficiently manage their application will maximize your results. Entering a negotiation without understanding the underlying process significantly puts your chance of success at risk.

However much experience you have, negotiated outcomes can always be improved. Even the smallest positive change can have a marked impact on your personal and business success.

Past participants in ENS Advanced Negotiation & Influencing Programs with Carrie have experienced enhanced results such as achieving over $260,000 in financial benefits in the three months after their ENS Program.

Be inspired, gain insights into human behaviour and achieve your goals.

ENS International’s Advanced Negotiation and Influencing Public Programs allow you the flexibility to manage your capability development to the level you require.

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Power Leader™ VIP Program

  • Do you want to make more money but don’t know how to ask for it?
  • Do you feel undervalued and underappreciated but feel like you are working your buns off?
  • When your colleague gets the promotion do you feel like you’ve been passed over and wonder why it’s not you?

If you can relate then you are not alone. Studies show that 93% of Canadian women feel they work harder but are paid less than what they are worth – and less than their male counterparts.

It doesn’t have to be that way – you are missing one key foundational skill and that is how to be a Power Leader™ who can negotiate what she is worth.

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