E.A.R.N. Your Worth™: How to Amplify Your Ask and Get Your Dream Career or Business

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 This Free Webinar Training is for you if...

  • You said "yes" automatically on your last negotiation 
  • You feel overwhelmed, undervalued or underpaid 
  • You want to get ahead in your career or business but you keep getting passed over for high-profile assignments, deals or promotions 
  • You are ready to build your confidence to have critical conversations that will accelerate your career or business


  • The REAL costs of not negotiating  
  • How to amplify your ask so you maximize your opportunity to get more of what you crave and deserve 
  • The key mindsets that will distill your anxiety about negotiating and claiming your worth
  • Practical strategies that you can do right now to stop under-earning, get noticed and start getting paid what you're worth!!

About Your Presenter

Carrie Gallant inspires and empowers women to think bigger, negotiate more powerfully and authentically, and to “Amplify Your Ask” so you can increase your influence, income, and intentions for your career or business. 

A dynamic speaker, facilitator and pay equity advocate, Carrie brings her experience as an executive, former practicing lawyer and adjunct law professor to her work in helping clients master the art and science of negotiation, conflict resolution and Conversational Intelligence®.

Carrie Gallant JD

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