You Get to Decide!

Yes No Maybe 2Just Make a Decision!

If you’ve heard me speak about the Art of Negotiation for Women, you may have heard me say that negotiation is a series of decisions. Deciding what you want. Deciding what you’re willing to ask for, what you’re not willing to accept.

The same is true for your business.

Your business is a series of decisions. Deciding what outcome you want to create, who you want to serve and work with, how much money you want to create, how much you will invest to create your desired outcome, and so on. The same can be said for your career. The exact same questions apply to a career – try them out!

Isn’t that empowering? You get to decide.

I do find that empowering. But it wasn’t always this way. And maybe you can relate. Many women are paralyzed by decisions.   They want to get it “perfect” or “right” the first time. Terrified of making a mistake or the “wrong” decision, they don’t make one at all! Sound familiar? Do you dither endlessly and get stuck in indecision?

Or maybe you’re a lot like me; I suffer from FOMO. The Fear Of Missing Out!  My personality type (e.g. under MBTI® and the Enneagram) loves lots of variety & spontaneity, and hates missing out on anything.

The upside can be joyful, boundless enthusiasm, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit.

The downside can be countless distractions by “bright shiny objects” or endless investment in numerous programs and trainings so you don’t “miss out” on the latest and greatest.

Here’s the thing.

Moving forward in life, in your business or career, means you need to decide. You need to make a series of decisions to get where you want to go. To take a step in that direction, you need to decide and take action.

How many decisions led up to Neil Armstrong taking the first step on the moon? The biggest decision was JFK’s 1961 announcement to Congress the US would send a man safely to the moon by the end of the decade. Remember the date of Armstrong’s historic step? July 20, 1969. Barely six months before the end of that decade, and almost six years after JFK’s death.

That sure was a powerful decision! It acted as a catalyst, pulling forward millions of people to support that decision and make countless other decisions – big and small – that set in motion thousands of actions, long after JFK himself graduated from this earth.

Indecision Costs.

Incomplete decisions are clutter – they clutter your mental space, and keep your energy stuck.   When you hold indecision, it’s like you’re holding onto that last box of unpacked stuff after you moved three years ago post-divorce (KM knows what I’m talkin’ about here!). It sucks your energy.

Plus, waiting costs you. Waiting to make a decision costs you in many ways. The time you lose is irreplaceable. Time is actually more precious than money – time is non-renewable!

Make that decision, and watch your energy soar, feel your shoulders relax downwards.

And if you’re still on the fence, invoke Louis Hay’s wonderful advice:

Just make a decision. If it doesn’t work, make another decision!

So, what are you waiting for?