Power Leader™

Climbing the Ladder

  • Do you want to make more money but don’t know how to ask for it?
  • Do you feel undervalued and underappreciated but feel like you are working your buns off?
  • When your colleague gets the promotion do you feel like you’ve been passed over and wonder why it’s not you?
  • Do you want to advance your career but don’t know quite how to manage power as a leader?

If you can relate then you are not alone. Studies show that 93% of Canadian women feel they work harder but are paid less than what they are worth. And less than their male counterparts.

It doesn’t have to be that way. You can build foundational leadership skills, mastermind with other women to expand your power network as you become a Power Leader™ who negotiates what she is worth.

Power Leader™ Program

Consider this your invitation to my Power Leader™ VIP Program where I will show you how to master the art of negotiating what you are worth – and getting it.

After completing the Power Leader™ Program you will know:

  • How to overcome common gender-based Negotiation Triggers that sabotage your best plans for success
  • Anxiety-busting techniques to overcome that deep, anxiety provoking and gnawing sensation so you stand in your power during any negotiation
  • How to use the Value Clarity Model to eliminate vagueness or uncertainty and get crystal clear about exactly what you can and should ask for
  • How to recognize when you are locked into a Communication Style Differences
  • How to eliminate any negotiation gridlock and move to collaborative problem solving
  • Recognize and manage the 3 Stages of Negotiation with my Diamond Negotiation Model™
  • When and how to frame Your Ask (or your Offer) for the best possible outcome
  • When and what to give in a Negotiation to reach your bigger goal
  • The next steps in your personal Negotiation Action Plan so you can activate each Stage of Negotiation with confidence and ease

Here’s what your Power Leader™ Program will be like:

The Power Leader™ Program begins with a full-day intensive for an intimate group of 6 to 10 professional women.  Prior to the Power Leader™ Intensive you will complete an online assessment designed to gauge your pre-workshop ASK (Attitude, Skills and Knowledge).

During your Power Leader™ Intensive , you will also be treated to the full VIP experience, including all materials, refreshments as well as lunch, provided on-site at a beautiful and inspiring location in Vancouver BC.

Networking opportunities with new friends and colleagues are extended over the lunch hour, with an invitation to continue into the evening at a nearby restaurant (the latter at their own expense).

You won’t be alone after the Power Leader™ Intensive. Over the next 60 days, we will continue to support you as you implement your Negotiation Action Plan with:

  • The Power Leader™ Circle – a private online accountability forum where you can celebrate your accomplishments and milestones, ask for feedback and support from your mentor coach and peers 
  • A private online Journal for you to record your challenges
  • Two Monthly LIVE Group Coaching Calls (Value: $495)

The Power Leader™ Program is a game-changer and a life-changer!

Your Investment: $995 (value: a lifetime of confidence and clarity)

The Power Leader™ Program is right for you if:

  • You are passed over for too many   promotions
  • You are continually asked to take on more work but are not compensated for it
  • You feel like you’re at the top of your “earning curve”, but you want to make more money and continue to advance your career
  • When you do ask for more money and responsibility, you feel like you’re at a disadvantage in the negotiation process
  • Your don’t feel seen as a candidate to move ahead
  • You are tired of waiting for them to do what’s “fair”
  • You get scared or anxious when you think about having to negotiate because you’re worried you won’t say the right thing and will give away too much
  • You’d like to have better overall negotiation skills in your job to advance your leadership and career

If you’re ready to stop being a “Negotiation Nelly” and start standing in your power as a leader, then it’s time to join the Power Leader™ Circle!

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