Contract Negotiation Basics for IT Consultants

I was interviewed recently by Insureon for my contract negotiation tips for IT Consultants.  I was impressed by the listening skills of my interviewer, Joshua Scott, as  he captured my comments accurately. Here is the article posted on Insureon’s blog:

Client Contract Negotiation Basics for IT Consultants

Insureon Blog

Talking with people can be scary. Talking with business people over an important contract can be really scary. But you don’t have to be a cutthroat, high-powered, $1000-suit-wearing type to excel at the art of negotiation. In fact, the average IT consultant should be able to wheel and deal well enough to secure good contracts throughout their career.

Don’t know how?

Carrie Gallant (@GallantLeader), negotiation expert and president of The Gallant Leader and Gallant Solutions Inc., offers advice for how IT consultants can better negotiate a fair and beneficial contract with their clients. One benefit of getting better at negotiating? You’re less likely to need to make a claim on your IT consultant insurance.

When Negotiating IT Contracts, Clarity is Key

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