3 Ways Your Mindset is Holding Your Success Hostage

Guest Post by Melanie Benson Strick   Even though you are doing everything right – you have your plan, schedule your day with activities designed to move you closer to your goal, hire the best coach to motivate and inspire you – you just can’t seem to get into focused action. A gremlin has been […]

Take a Holiday From Your Inner Critic

Delighted to share this Guest Post from my friend and colleague, Tana Heminsley, over at Authentic Leadership Global. This Holiday season, we invite you to step back from the sometimes frenetic pace of the visiting, the baking, the cooking, the shopping, and invite a little more ease and compassion into your space, into your inner […]

Happy Commitment Month!

Why is October “Commitment Month”?   I had an epiphany recently as three thoughts about commitment collided in my brain: It’s the beginning of the fourth quarter, Q4. The last run up before the new year, the final stretch towards achieving any annual goal you might have set for yourself or your business waaaaay back in […]

What Stops You From “Going For It”?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about when women don’t “go for it”, when we let our ambitious dreams and goals slide. When we keep our personal power on a leash. Maybe we’re taking care of others’ feelings (so we don’t “outshine” them). Maybe we’re afraid of how far our light could truly shine because […]

Is Your Circle of Influence Lifting You Up, or Wearing You Down?

If Jim Rohn is right, that you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with, then this Circle of 5 is your core Circle of Influence, by default or design. These five people most likely influence your thoughts, beliefs and behaviours – and ultimately your success, professionally, financially, personally. Big […]

Rich Thinking: Money, Work and Self-Worth

Originally published March 12, 2012 Money, Work and Self-Worth The title of the Careers column in this Saturday’s Globe and Mail Careers caught my eye over brunch: “Money, work and the value of self-worth: If you want financial independence, and recognition for your talents, keep talking about compensation“. The author, Leah Eichler, acknowledged that, like […]

You Get to Decide!

Just Make a Decision! If you’ve heard me speak about the Art of Negotiation for Women, you may have heard me say that negotiation is a series of decisions. Deciding what you want. Deciding what you’re willing to ask for, what you’re not willing to accept. The same is true for your business. Your business […]

Are You Afraid to Negotiate?

Are You Afraid to Negotiate?   I hate negotiating, especially for myself Negotiation is manipulation I get so anxious when I negotiate I’m afraid I’m going to be taken advantage of I’m no good at negotiating I have to negotiate for my job, but I don’t like it I’m always worried about what I’ve missed […]

How is Your Inner-Net Performing?

I love this 2010 article I re-discovered recently as I was de-cluttering my computer hard-drive… Is Your Inner-Net like mine?   My brain is a complex web of cells, capable of transmitting vast amounts of information along the “super-highway” of neurons, synapses….directing traffic to various parts of my body (lift hand, curl fingers, grasp coffee […]