How is Your Inner-Net Performing?

I love this 2010 article I re-discovered recently as I was de-cluttering my computer hard-drive… Is Your Inner-Net like mine?   My brain is a complex web of cells, capable of transmitting vast amounts of information along the “super-highway” of neurons, synapses….directing traffic to various parts of my body (lift hand, curl fingers, grasp coffee […]

The Art of Listening to Influence Effectively

Authentic Influence is the Art of communicating authentically – being willing to articulate your needs and wants, as well as being genuinely curious about the other person’s needs and wants.  Being their ally – helping them to meet their needs – can powerfully influence them to help you get your needs met too. You can […]

Keys to Negotiating with Integrity

What is it about “negotiation” that sends so many people running for cover, eager to avoid it altogether, while others jump in, guns-a-blazing, eager to win at all costs? If you have experienced negotiation as a battle, game or competition to be won or lost, you might run away, or jump right in, depending on […]

Feminine Advocacy Secret No. 1

Finally, the secrets you’ve been waiting for! Last time I told you about Feminine Advocacy, what it means and why I am writing about it. And I promised I would share Secret No. 1 next….drum roll… Secret No. 1 is…Know What You Want Secret No. 1 is all about getting crystal clear about exactly what […]

Feminine Advocacy: How to Ask For and Get What You Want

Recently, I was invited to speak at the 2013 mSummit here in Vancouver BC, about “Feminine Advocacy” for savvy working moms.  I was totally excited because the keynote speaker was Arlene Dickinson, co-star of Dragon’s Den, and I really wanted to meet her in person, get my dog-eared copy of her book Persuasion signed, and […]