Would I Lie to You?

Are You Being Lied to in Your Negotiations? The latest shocking news for women in negotiation is making the rounds lately, in Huffington Post, Daily Mail, Business Week and even Shape Magazine: UC Berkley professor Laura Kray’s latest research results show that women are lied to in negotiation more often than men. Kray and her […]

What Stops You From “Going For It”?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about when women don’t “go for it”, when we let our ambitious dreams and goals slide. When we keep our personal power on a leash. Maybe we’re taking care of others’ feelings (so we don’t “outshine” them). Maybe we’re afraid of how far our light could truly shine because […]

What Do You Really Want?

Originally published November 2008; edited 2014 Negotiation Tip:  Clarify What You Really Want I love speaking about negotiation with groups, and groups of women especially. Women want to know what they don’t know. And they want to share their experiences, and yes to share a good laugh! There is always a story about a courageous act that […]

Is Your Circle of Influence Lifting You Up, or Wearing You Down?

If Jim Rohn is right, that you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with, then this Circle of 5 is your core Circle of Influence, by default or design. These five people most likely influence your thoughts, beliefs and behaviours – and ultimately your success, professionally, financially, personally. Big […]

Rich Thinking: Money, Work and Self-Worth

Originally published March 12, 2012 Money, Work and Self-Worth The title of the Careers column in this Saturday’s Globe and Mail Careers caught my eye over brunch: “Money, work and the value of self-worth: If you want financial independence, and recognition for your talents, keep talking about compensation“. The author, Leah Eichler, acknowledged that, like […]

You Get to Decide!

Just Make a Decision! If you’ve heard me speak about the Art of Negotiation for Women, you may have heard me say that negotiation is a series of decisions. Deciding what you want. Deciding what you’re willing to ask for, what you’re not willing to accept. The same is true for your business. Your business […]

Are You Afraid to Negotiate?

Are You Afraid to Negotiate?   I hate negotiating, especially for myself Negotiation is manipulation I get so anxious when I negotiate I’m afraid I’m going to be taken advantage of I’m no good at negotiating I have to negotiate for my job, but I don’t like it I’m always worried about what I’ve missed […]

Is Your Self-Worth Driving Your Net Worth?

Self-Worth = Net Worth?   Meggan Watterson, Harvard trained theologian and author of the critically acclaimed new book REVEAL: A Sacred Manual For Getting Spiritually Naked, sees a relationship between self-worth and net-worth.  If your net-worth is not where you want it to be today, consider the state of your self-worth: is it reflecting your […]

Would You Like to Seal the Deal and Put 20% More in Your Pocket?

Putting it in Writing – Part II Putting Your Offer in Writing Last time I talked about the value of getting any agreement in writing, even if you only confirm it in a simple email.  This time, let’s look at the value of putting your offer in writing and giving it to the other side. […]

Why We Love Putting It In Writing (And You Should, Too!)

Putting it in Writing – Part I I always advise that it is wise to ensure that you get any agreement in writing – even if it’s as simple as following up your negotiation conversation with an email detailing your understanding of the agreement and requesting a confirmation by reply; just make sure you also […]